About Knowledge Road

Knowledge Road has been setting the standards for agencies throughout the industry.  The agency was founded due to recognizing the need for an organization that doesn’t simply make a connection between a school, parent and a teacher, but fosters lifelong partnerships with the schools we serve.  Since Knowledge Road began operating, we now offer our teachers paper free billing, IT support, curriculum advisors, teaching materials, advanced payments, and more.  We have also cultivated a talented team of dedicated educators who represent our values of instruction and continuous support.  Using the Common Core State Teaching Standards to determine instructional goals, our teachers have assisted students from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade in Math, Literacy and test-prep instruction. 

What Our Teachers Offer


We follow the guidelines and standards set forth in the Common Core State Teaching Standards, or other recommended curriculum guidelines, to prepare students to take state standardized examinations, including the Regents examination, TACHS, or other statewide examinations.  Whenever practical, we proctor students who require additional test time or other accommodations according to the guidelines set forth in their Individualized Education Service Plans (IESP) or IEP Guidelines. We also offer helpful advice and research-based strategies to help students with testing anxiety. 

English Language Arts:

Using the Common Core State Teaching Standards, or other preferred curriculum, our teachers are equipped to assist students with the four main literacy standards, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  Our teachers make learning engaging and educational for students by integrating other subject areas into ELA learning, and personalize the learning process to help students learn. We also offer differentiated learning strategies to meet each student at his or her individual learning style and preference. 


Our program uses the Common Core State Teaching Standards, or other preferred curriculum, to enhance Mathematics instruction for all learners by tailoring instruction to meet each individual student’s needs. We utilize a hands-on approach to learning that creates personalized approaches and leads to results for all students. 

SETSS (P-3 Services)

P-3 Services are services that are provided to students who need Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS).  These free services are provided according to each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Education Service Plan (IESP) and are designed to help support students at any grade level who are at risk of failing.  We offer tutoring before, during, or after school, at school, at home, and at designated locations.  Our certified teachers instruct a diverse student population in small groups of 1-5 students who require additional instructional support. 

Private Tutoring

Tutoring is designed to support students who need additional academic or test-prep support throughout many different subject areas.  Our private tutoring services are held either at the child’s home, the library, or at one of our new locations! 

Our private tutoring services are held either at the child’s home, the library, or one of our new locations.

Limiting Group Instruction To No More Than Five Students
Limiting group size offers a more individualized approach, avoiding a spread out classroom where the teacher can’t tailor to the needs of each student.

Frequency and Duration:
We follow the student’s IEP mandate with regard to frequency and duration; many of our students receive our help each weekday and during school breaks. Our teachers are often flexible towards the schedules of the students and the school.

Who Qualifies:
Students who score below grade level on diagnostic tests in Reading and Mathematics or who are in jeopardy of academic retention may qualify for an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and so, our assistance.

Parents or schools that need clarification on how to acquire an IEP may reach out to us for assistance.