Is your child struggling to read or learn? Do not consider him dumb and tag him dim-witted if your child hates studies. They are like you and me, but have minor wiring problem with them. They usually are like normal kids and can’t be identified by mere look. It gets hard to characterize such kids as they may be excellent in many spheres like reading and learning a language, while may face problems in mathematics or other subjects.

Learning disability is a wider term and sufferings could be numerous. Learning disabilities vary from person to person and are of many kinds like dyslexia dyspraxia, aphasia etc.

Where to educate such children?

Kids with learning disability should not be made to join normal schools as they may suffer mentally competing with other kids. They should be enrolled in government or private special education schools or home schools for special education.

Teachers for special education

Like there are special schools for special kids, there are special teachers to enable a student to combat his curable disability.  SETSS Special education is formulated specially for kids with learning disability and its teachers emphasize to develop abilities in a child. These teachers are termed as Special education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) at preschool level and are known as Special Education Itinerant Teachers (SEIT) at K-12 stage.




 Qualification of a special education teacher

 SETTS Special education teachers must have bachelor degree from a recognised university or college. In order to educate students with special education, they should possess state license and teaching certificate in particular special education.  Along with above license, they must surpass the compulsory state assessments in subjects like “students with disabilities content assessment” or “educating all student assessment” etc.   They must also undergo internship programme to be capable of teaching special students.

However many of these teachers have to study additional coursework and undergo cetification test prior to going for SETSS /SEIT. Others opt for thorough training of special education along with their degree programme. Professional produced via above two modes has to study theory of literacy skills, human development, assessment, and particular academic content areas.

 Job of SETSS teacher

Elementarily, SETSS/SEIT instructors work for students having learning and attention disability. They may also work to eradicate the disabilities in verbal communication and lingo in addition to motor delays. SETSS/SEIT may provide direct or indirect services to work on the disability of kids of any age.

SETSS/SEIT providers have to follow the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as it is usually different for different students and adopt highly flexible approach in teaching daily. SETSS/SEIT professionals may as per their convenience teach children independently or in groups as per students IEP needs. SETSS teachers cannot work with students more than 50 % of the kid’s school day or may work at least 3 hours a week. Additional services may be catered to students needing more assistance.


 Empower your child to confidently compete with his disability and the world with the assistance of a specialist SETTS teacher.

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