Do not consider your child having learning and reading problems to be normal. It is good to wait and watch, but it would be foolish to ignore problem of your child which could actually be a learning disability. There are some well identified learning disabilities, but it actually varies from individual to individual. There are only few disabilities that can be recognised with their symptoms, otherwise parents keep on considering their child disability to be negligent and irresponsible behaviour.  It is you who has to keep a check on the growth, behaviour and ability of your child to see that he is not having any disability.

 Underneath are some common symptoms of learning disabilities:-

  • Difficulty in reading or writing
  • Problem in understanding mathematics
  • Chaotic and confused behaviour
  • Crisis in telling direction
  • Problem in telling time
  • Pitiable memory
  • Usually stays absent minded
  • Clumsiness
  • Distracted
  • Impulsiveness beyond normal behaviour
  • Doesn’t listens to others at all
  • Finds difficulty in understanding concepts and words
  • Speaks like toddlers

 There can be many more such symptoms. A person dealing with one of disability not necessarily possesses the other. You child may be really good in language but may have a severe problem understanding mathematical concepts. Some common and well recognized disabilities are dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia.

Treatments for disabilities

Only a professional can identify disability and your visit to a doctor would be of actually no use as Medical science doesn’t have any cure.  Early diagnose can lessen the impact of disability and help in earlier stage can protect your child from humiliation in school or early education.  An expert assistance can help to build the confidence, boost his/her strength and can teach ways to the child to handle his disability in best possible way.

Education for kids with leaning disability

School to enrol your child in entirely depends upon the kind of learning disability he is affected by, but your child needs more efforts and attention initially if you are thinking of getting his admission done in regular schools.  Kids with general disability may be made to join normal school but should be continued to teach techniques to overcome his disability. SETSS special education NYC programme is what you should make your child to join. Now it depends utterly on you and the degree of your child’s disability to decide the kind of school to opt for.

You may also hire special education teachers who have undergone formal special education training to teach privileged children. Parents may also privately hire these special education teachers to teach their children and let their kids lead a normal life.

Educational institution for special children

Every state has special schools for special education where kids are taught in least restrictive environment suitable for them. Many SETSS agencies offer teachers for special education which are suggested to school for formal or private teaching by them.

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