There is an array of strong viewpoints out there of an excellent place for students with special needs. Special educators help general education teachers in teaching the techniques and make them adapt in the specialized curriculum activities to meet the needs of disabled students. For those students, these special education teachers coordinate the work of teachers, their assistants and teacher’s personnel such as social workers or therapists. These teachers work in a range of settings. Some teachers have their own classrooms and are only teaching the special students, and some work to offer individualized help to special students in general classrooms. Some also work as a tutor in residential environments.

Parents of special children must consider these perquisites in the agencies and always ensure about the teachers skills and abilities offered by the SETSS agencies in NYC

Inclusion class

In a mainstream placement or inclusion class, your child will be attending the education programmes with his age peers on regular basis. Apart from getting a regular teacher, special educators will be available exclusively for those children who will ensure the adjustment of curriculum according to the child’s abilities. Inclusion class will enable these children to get the exposure of growing with the students of their age as well as their seniors which will make them confident. Many special education teacher support services also provide intensive help depending on student to student.

Resource room

Students who are suffering in a particular subject may need an exhaustive help to keep up with grade-level work, and therefore are placed in the resource room. A special educator works on a small group of students and ensures the teaching of new techniques to make those children understand what they are trying to make them learn.

Self-contained class

In this, your child is placed in the self-contained classroom and removed from the general school to work in a small center with a special education teacher. Students studying in self-contained classes may be working at all academic levels, with different curricula and different textbooks. These classrooms offer appropriate expectations, structure and routine but some students may need a higher level of specialisation.

Out of district placement

In out of district placement, your child is placed in a specialized school particularly designed for the special behaviour or learning needs. The main benefit of placing your disabled child to these schools is that it provides the highest degree of consistency, structure and routine throughout the school day. These schools remove the possibility of the interaction with regular education students. On the other hand, it is also very costly for school districts.

Most importantly, speak to your child about the right choice of class for him. If you are not convinced then you may ask your current child’s teachers, special education personnel, advocates or other parents and then try to gauge what decision would be the most productive, stimulating, and beneficial for your child.