Childhood is what we all cherish as almost every one of us have had the best and pleasing childhood memories with credit to our godly parents. Budding age of childhood needs tenderly care, behavioural understanding and patience from the end of parents. And in case of special child, efforts needed are way more than a normal child.  If your special child is about to celebrate his/her fifth birthday, then think of getting him enrolled in a school. The choices are public special education schools, private special education schools and general schools having special education programmes.

If you are opting to register your child to a private special education school, then do enquire about the following factors as a school decides the future and mental state of mind of your special child!

  1. Recognise the disability of your child and then decide the school as some schools excel in dealing with a specific disability.  It’s the special school’s teacher who should be personally working upon areas needing special attention with areas of his strength to enable him to stand out on all rounds. 
  •  It is important for you to know that ‘equitable services’ are available for child with disability in both public and private schools. Check out whether the institution you are enquiring about too provides some relief to parents via equitable services (they are paid for special child by public funding). 
  •  You need to get certain of special education support services catered in the school offering all-inclusive or comprehensive programs along with safe, comfortable and fostering environment to children with any disability.  School should possess ace educational program and also provide exemplary behavioural and therapeutic support for students with disability. 

Do confirm the availability of psychologist, guidance counsellor or other specialist for your child.  It is significant to see how staff and faculty will strengthen child’s emotional, physical, social and academic needs.

  • School environment is immensely important to be investigated by parents as they should be   satisfied with regulation, control and safety measures executed by the school.  They should make sure to visit school or meet parents of students already attending the school as true picture can be revealed only by folks having experience with the school. 

  Keeping this in mind, select the best private services for your child for his visible growth!