Books that Encourage Children to Learn about Racism

  Remember the previous article about the bus stop arriving at the bus stop, and the person who would not allow the black person to sit next to [...]

What is Racism?

Imagine this: You’re on line waiting for the bus to come to the bus stop to pick everyone up, and are on your way to the library. As [...]

Advice and Tips for Having Safe and Enjoyable Halloween Experiences

Halloween is on October 31, 2020 this year and happens to fall on a weekend this month, and many children, families and young adults will be eager to [...]

How to Become Less of a Target for Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is when other people, including teenagers and young adults, engage in harmful and malicious attacks over the internet, by phone, or using other electronic devices to shame [...]

Signs to Look Out for When Children and Adolescents are being Bullied

Children and adolescents may be different in their ages, but there are still some characteristics to look out for when you suspect your child is being bullied. Here [...]

The Effects of Bullying

The sound of a crumpled up piece of paper and some inaudible, barely heard discussions was all that was heard from the school director’s office, as students and [...]

What are Learning Pods?

When you think of learning pods, what comes to mind?     Learning pods are unique and innovative ways for young children and learners to come together in a safe, [...]

Tips for Hosting a Party for Students and Teenagers during The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted the way many of us have become accustomed to living over the course of our day to day lives.  Below are some important…

Teenagers and the Coronavirus

Imagine this: you’re a young man who is about to turn 16 years old and are invited to a secret indoor party at your friend’s house while their [...]

Online Teaching and Learning on an Apple Macintosh Computer

    Apple Macintosh computers have been around for many years, but the requirements  for teaching online classes using Apple computers are different than that of a regular pc…