Teachers shape the future of kids, whether they are normal or special kids with some kind of abnormality. 

Are you looking for Special education teacher for your special child or educational institution? Don’t just make haste in recruiting teacher for special category child as little negligence may land your child actually nowhere. It could turn out to be too late  by the time you come to know about no improvement  in your child as learning age for special kids certified as per law is  from 5 years to 21 years.

 Hire a skilled, qualified and experienced special education teacher for your school or child. Where to hire special education teacher is a question not easy to be answered.  We all know that a student from good institution is most likely to have an edge over other students from not so good schools.

Similarly, special education teachersendorsed by a credible and renowned agency proffer difference in improvementand performance of your special child. Hire special education teachers offeredby Knowledge Road, the most reliable SETSS agency of New York.

 Why you should hire SETSS teachers offered by Knowledge Road?

  • It is a leading agency offering certified teachers either in special education or normal literacy programme.
  •  To ensure the teaching skills of teachers, teachers are made to endure comprehensive examination which is conducted by Knowledge Road and the Department of education.
  • Schools can via evaluation programme check the performance of teachers supplied by Knowledge Road.
  •  Our team of teachers have effectively succeeded in augmenting test scores of students from Nursery to Higher secondary level.
  •  Our teachers may be hired for class room teaching services, before school, after school and also for special education programme in special chartered, Public and private school.
  • Our teachers work hard to improve the class room performance of child with disability along with working upon their confidence.

 Trust KnowledgeRoad to transform your child disability into capability. 

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